Django NameError: name 'is_ajax' is not defined

Published On: 28/01/2023 | Category: Django

This article goes in detailed on django nameerror: name 'is_ajax' is not defined. I explained simply about django is_ajax not working. let’s discuss about django request.is_ajax() not working. This post will give you simple example of nameerror: name 'is_ajax' is not defined in django. Let's get started with how to use is_ajax() in django.

So, if you send a post request using jquery and ajax frontend to the django backend so we need to use is_ajax method. you are using the is_ajax method now you should experience a Nameerror name 'is_ajax' is not defined. so, this method deprecated new django version fix this one way but in a different method.

Here i will give you we will help you to give example of django nameerror: name 'is_ajax' is not defined. So let's see the bellow example:


Use the request object in Django to determine whether an element is ajax instead of the is ajax method.

if request.headers.get('x-requested-with') == 'XMLHttpRequest':

Here, create a new is_ajax function whenever pass the ajax request you call this function.
def is_ajax(request):
    return request.headers.get('x-requested-with') == 'XMLHttpRequest'

now pass the request object as an argument like this.

def search(request):
    if is_ajax(request):